Saturday, January 2, 2010


Hey people!
My name is Shelby. However, I sign everything I do as Sm.
because my middle name is Morgan, and to be quite honest I think The way the letters fit together look rather cool. I'm really into photography, my header (it's slightly blurry I realize that) is a picture i took in the fall with my Canon Rebel, xsi. I would love to say I know the camera like a pro, but in reality I'm learning day by day how the thing words, and I would like to say I improve with every photo I capture. Another passion of mine is writing, I write every day in a written journal, and I also have a poetry blog on myspace, that is linked in my about me. I hope to gain some followers as I write here on blogger, and get as much feedback as possible. I love constructive criticism. This is just a brief beginning blog, and they will get much more interesting from here, this I can promise.
You will hear from me soon !